Lets get your

outfits organized

So organized you’ll go crazy wondering how you became on time for things.
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Customize your own avatar!

Its just like looking in the mirror. We've got you covered.

Plan your outfits

We do all the planning for you! Add events to your calendar and we will take care of the rest. Your favorite outfits based on what you own are saved for the future, getting ready just got easier!

Pack for your trips

Don't you hate having to pack for trips? Do you ever feel like bringing spare clothes "just incase" something happens? No need to stress anymore,  you can now pack for your trips through your phone.

Think ahead of the weather

We provide you suggestions of what to wear from your closet based on the weather, either outside or at your destination! Say goodbye to check your weather app before getting ready.

Add your event, and Dress for the Address.

No more messy rooms

Find outfits without having to stand and stare at your closet

You can now sit in bed and plan your outfit for tomorrow! whether you need an outfit for class, a meeting, an interview, or just a night out with your friends, Cloak lets you have your closet in your hand!

Get organized

Everyone likes to have an outfit in mind before an upcoming event. With Cloak, you are able to plan ahead and pick out your outfit for an event that is weeks away! Know what is available in your closet, is it in the laundry? Have you over worn this? No more stressing out and feeling like you have no clothes.

Packing has never been easier

Pack from everywhere and anywhere!

Have a trip to pack for on the weekend? Can't find the time to pack? Standing in line, waiting to check out or even when riding an Uber, you can now pack on the go! View your itinerary and add your outfits.

See what your outfits would look like on an avatar that looks just like you

We know that everyone gets ready in their own way, with Cloak you are able to see what an outfit would look like on an avatar that is customized to look just like you! Change their hair color, body shape or even their height, have some fun creating your own personalized avatar!

Always be one step ahead of the weather!

Add to your loves

Everyone likes to categorize their clothing according to their favorites. With Cloak, you can simply tap to add an item of clothing to your loves. Have a favorite sunny day outfit? Our system recognizes your favorite outfits based on how often you wear it.

We will suggest what to wear based on the weather outside

With Cloak, you now have the ability to obtain suggestions on what to wear from your closet, depending on the weather outside. We've got you covered from head to toe!


It saves so much time! I can't remember the last time I was late to class because of my outfit anymore!

Diya Kepner, College student

Being OCD, it really helps me get organized when it comes to planning a trip, packing has never felt so easy.

Jiv andrews, Business men

I never realized how long it takes me to get ready for my meetings! I am so glad I can sit in bed and pick out an outfit rather than making a mess in my closet!

Samantha grey, lawyer

It is so convenient to not have to check my weather app every time before getting ready. I feel like I have a personal stylist! I am in love with this app!

josie Green, CEO of trulr